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I certify that West Michigan Offshore (WMO) is not liable for any property damage, personal or public, that occurs both on and off any vessel during events. This includes, but is not limited to, damage to a vessel from mooring, damage to other vessels before, during, or after the process of mooring, and damage to an establishment, dock, slip, sea wall, or vessel being moored to.Each captain assumes full responsibility for their own vessel and the safety of the vessels, docks, sea wall, slips, or establishments in contact with them.

West Michigan Offshore (WMO) is similarly not liable for any theft or loss of personal effects that occurs before, during, or after an event. 

West Michigan Offshore (WMO) shall not be liable for any damage caused by a member, or passengers riding with members, to any private or public property before, during, or after an event. *
I certify that I agree to the WMO Code of Conduct and Waiver Form (found through the links below), and will not hold WMO liable of physical injury or death resulting from an accident or any possible claim, on or off the water. *