Gold Level WM0 Sponsorship

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Gold Level WM0 Sponsorship


Gold Level Sponsorship Includes a WMO membership plan.

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Gold WMO Sponsor Membership: $300

Yearly over 40 organizations and businesses have supported WMO by joining the club as a sponsor/member.  

Gold membership includes:

  • Invitation (2 people) to the WMO boat show sponsor party Friday, February 15

  • A subscription to the club's email, which gets you all the details about what's going on with the club and the local powerboat community

  • Access to WMO apparel store with $20 voucher credit to the WMO Apparel store

  • Access to WMO parties and events

  • A complimentary membership and social memberships for spouse and immediate family members under 21

  • Free Grand Rapids Boat Show tickets

  • Boat registration to  Muskegon Powerboat Weekend (Additional fees may apply)

  • Boat registration to Rock The Coast (Additional fees may apply)

  • Boat registration to Summer Blast (Additional fees may apply)

  • 2 Free auction number - WMO Spring Auction

  • Access to a large and unified network of powerboaters of over 200 members

  • Voting privileges at the annual meeting (Those that live in the state of Michigan or within 500 miles of Grand Haven) - business owner or organization representative.

  • Pride and participation in the club's donation, which has donated over $60,000 in the last three years

  • Your part in improving the presence and perception of go-fast boaters among the general public, law enforcement, and other boaters through our positive presence in the community and on the water

  • The privilege of posting on the WMO social media pages

  • Corporation or personal names and logos on WMO Gold level Sponsors Webpage.