August Fun Run 2018

August 25 (and 26), 2018
WMO's only overnight event of 2018! 

WMO's first-ever run to South Haven is here!  The Municipal Marina leadership has changed, which has allowed the club to secure docking for the first time since the club's inception. 

Departing from Grand Haven at 12:15pm on Saturday, August 25, registered members will make the 46-mile trip to South Haven. Those that don't want to make the full trip will also have the option of running down from Holland (20 miles shorter), joining the Grand Haven group around 12:35pm. Arriving shortly before 1pm, all participating members will have their own slip at the municipal marina. The new Gino's East restaurant, one of South Haven's coolest spots and a short walk from the marina, will host lunch at 1:30pm, and an afternoon of fun around the docks and in town will follow. There are lots of bars, restaurants, ice cream shops, parks, beaches, and more for people to check out, and it's sure to be a fun time for everyone. 

TWO options for departing South Haven will be available: 

  • Those that want to go home that day can leave as a group at 6:00pm
  • Those that want to stay overnight can depart at 11:00am on Sunday morning

Because the municipal marina is run by the state, everyone must pay the full overnight slip, whether you're departing on Saturday or Sunday. 

The cost for this event (per boat, and not including Saturday lunch) is $60, which is paid through the registration process. 

Registration for this event is for members only. Because of the limited number of slips in South Haven, there will be a hard cap of 40 boats at this event.