Why do I have to be a member to participate in runs? 

If you want to drive your boat in a run, yes - you must be a full member. If you're going to ride with someone else who is a member, you must register, but don't need to purchase a membership. 

Why do I have to register for events?

It is incredibly important that everyone registers for events, and the reasons are endless...

  • If you aren't registered, you subject the club to significant liability risks and put the longevity of WMO at risk

  • If you aren't registered, you compromise the safety-first focus of the club

  • If you aren't registered, you won't be counted in the staggered starts and restaurant food head counts

  • If you aren't registered and still run the event, the boat number and head count we give to marinas and restaurants are off, compromising our relationship with them and putting future events at their locations in jeopardy

  • Per club policy, if you don't register, you'll be disqualified from the event and could possibly have your membership revoked

Can my kids come with us?

Absolutely. They still must be registered, but since WMO is a family-friendly organization, they're more than welcome to come. 

How do I register for events?

The process is simple and takes less than 1 minute. Simply go to the registration page, fill out the form, and you're done. Passengers do the same. This can be done from laptop, desktop, or mobile device. 

Why can't I register the people riding in my boat? 

This is not an RSVP. You're not simply providing us with a headcount. Rather, each person is waiving their liability and removing the club of fault in the case of an accident. You cannot legally waive the rights of another person; therefore, they must register themselves. 

Do all people on the boat need to be registered?

Yes. Captain or passenger, adult or child.  Everyone must register. 

How is WMO run? 

WMO is governed by a board of five individuals all serving four-year terms. They are guided by a set of bylaws that were ratified by the membership in 2015, and oversee all club functions. 

How much is a sponsorship and what do I get? 

Sponsorships run on an annual basis, and are only $300.  Perks include the business logo and website link on the WMO site, their logo on the club T-shirt, a shoutout on Facebook and club email, an opportunity to showcase their products or services via a Sponsor Spotlight, a complimentary full membership ($100 value), and more. Interested parties should contact a member of the board. 

What do club dues go towards?

All revenue, whether gained by memberships or sponsorships, go into a fund that is used for WMO events, administration, and charitable giving. Board members receive no compensation whatsoever, but the Make-a-Wish Foundation has received nearly 50% of revenue since the club's inception in 2015. 

How do I get in contact with the club? 

You may contact an individual board member by clicking here, or can contact the club via a general form by clicking here.