June Fun Run: June 3, 2017

Docking for this event is full, but members are welcome to still register for the run at no charge, and find docking on their own.

IMPORTANT: Before proceeding, please note the following:

1) You must be a member to run your boat in this event.  If you aren't, do not continue. Purchase a Full Membership first.
2) Registration for this event will close at 10pm on Tuesday, May 30. Limited additional entries will be allowed for an additional $100 donation to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, paid through the club. 
3) Because of docking limitations, this event can only handle docking for 45 boats, and is now full.  However, members may still register for the run and find a slip in Saugatuck on their own. 
4) Because the following form is primarily a liability release and secondarily an RSVP, each and every guest must register themselves for the event through the passenger registration form (opening approximately a week before the event).  Captains cannot legally waive the liability of their crew, and thus cannot register them.  It is the captains responsibility to make sure everyone has registered, and those that fail to do so are subject to disqualification.

Docking for this event has reached capacity, but members are welcome to still register for the run at no charge, and find docking on their own.

Phone *
Textable Number Preferred
I realize that this is not only an RSVP, but also a legally-binding liability waiver. Further, I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to ensure that all of my passengers have individually registered, and that I will be held liable in the case of an accident if they have not. *
I certify that West Michigan Offshore (WMO) is not liable for any property damage (personal or public) that occurs both on and off any vessel during events (this includes but is not limited to damage to a vessel from mooring to other vessels before, during, or after the process of mooring and damage to an establishment dock, slip, sea wall, or vessel being moored to). Each captain assumes full responsibility for their own vessel and the safety of the vessels, docks, sea walls, slips, or establishments in contact with them. West Michigan Offshore is similarly not liable for any theft or loss of personal property that occurs before, during, or after an event West Michigan Offshore shall not be liable for any damage caused by a member or passengers riding with members to any private or public property before, during, or after an event. *
I certify that I agree to the WMO Code of Conduct and Waiver Form found through the links below and will not hold WMO liable of physical injury or death resulting from an accident or any possible claim on or off the water *
I understand that my boat must be properly insured and registered in order to participate in this event. All documentation must be valid and current and must cover the vessel, occupants, and any other vessels and their occupants. WMO cannot be held liable in the event of an accident, theft, or any other circumstance. I agree that if I do not meet these requirements I cannot participate in any West Michigan Offshore on-the-water events. *
By hitting submit, I understand that WMO will not provide docking for lunch, and that I'm responsible for finding it on my own. *