Schedule of Events

Tentative Schedule

Muskegon Powerboat Weekend schedule

Date June 14-16

Friday, June 7 Registration Deadline

Friday, June 14   

WMO Make-A-Wish “Take-A-Ride” Event and WMO Rides of Honor Veteran Event

10:00 am  Boat and Car Staging Great Lakes Marina

10:30 am  Rides (Powerboats and Cars)

12:00 Lunch (Hot Dogs and Chips)

12:15-1pm pm MAW Pool Party Games

1:30 pm MAW Party ends.

3:00-6:00 pm Welcome Reception (GLM) In Captains Quarters

3:00 pm Staging at Mart Dock for Powerboat Street Party

4:00-9:30 Powerboat Street Party Downtown Muskegon

Saturday - MPW Poker Run - June 15

8:30 am Breakfast -  LST393

10:00 am Captains Meeting (LST393)

11:30 am Gathering of the Fleet - Muskegon Lake near Shoreline Inn

11:00 am Make-A-Wish Aquastar Powerboat Weekend Cruise Departure

12:00  pm MPW Parade of Power

12:15 - 2:00 pm Whitelake and Grand Haven Poker Stops Open

2:00 - 4:00 pm  Muskegon Lake Poker Run Stops Open

(USS Silversides, LST 393, Heritage Landing, Great Lakes Marina-PBR 1773)

4:30 -6:30 pm Poker Chips Redemption for Poker Hand (GLM and Mart Dock)

7-11pm  MPW Celebration Party and Awards Ceremony (GLM)

Sunday -  Funday June 16

Sunday Funday Options

11 am Dockers  - Dockers Take-Over  (Lunch)

Saugatuck Run / Raft-off at Muskegon State Park Dune Area / Visit the Muskegon Breakwater Party Coves


Great Lakes Marina: 231-759-8230  Website
Various sizes of slips available.  Call for pricing and details.

Hartshorn Marine/Downtown: 231-724-6785
Various sizes of slips available.  Call for pricing and details.

Harbour Towne Marina: 231-755-2218
Various sizes of slips available.  Call for pricing and details.

Pointe Marina - North Muskegon: 231-744-3236
Various sizes of slips available.  Call for pricing and details. Click HERE for more information. 

Members are welcome to leave their boats at the Mart Dock overnight at no charge. 


All captains MUST be a member of West Michigan Offshore and MUST register their boat in order to participate.  Further, ALL guests must be registered. Registration will open on March 30 at 8am. 

West Michigan Offshore is welcoming to all boats, regardless of size, make, or top speed.  

Muskegon Powerboat Weekend

June 13–16, 2019.

Join West Michigan Offshore for complimentary registration to 3 premier on-the-water events. Click here to join!

Registration will open on March 30 at 8am.

The Muskegon Powerboat Weekend offers the club's only Poker Run AND the club's only street party.  Attracting around 100 boats from all over the midwest for the last few years, the event is held along the beautiful shores of Muskegon Lake. No matter if you're running a million dollar cat or a $10,000 v-bottom, the MPW's flexible events and Saturday run are accommodating to all. Please see below for more information.  

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Let’s Go Boating!

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