West Michigan Offshore


Safety of the participants, the spectators, the host communities and harbors, as well as the well-being of those with whom we share the waterways is of utmost importance. The following rules have been established by the West Michigan Offshore (also known as ‘WMO’ herein) Board of Directors.

 Failure to comply with these rules will result in immediate termination of WMO membership

1.     WMO does not host boat races. At no time during a WMO event will racing occur between/among participants.

2.     Each participant must have in force valid and sufficient liability insurance for the boat clearly naming the vessel operator.

3.     Everyone on board must be capable of passing a 0.03 alcohol breathalyzer test if required during the event. At no time is it permissible for the vessel to be operating under any kind of power while anyone on board is in violation of this rule.

4.     Every boat must comply with current USCG / CCG construction and safety requirements and carry required on-board safety equipment.

5.     Fueling procedures must be followed as USCG / States / CCG regulations.

6.       For all high-speed on-the-water events, all boaters and guests must sign the WMO waiver of liability.  Failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification from the event.

7.       A safe clearance must be maintained at all times between boats while running.  This clearance distance is recommended as a minimum radius of 200 feet around each boat.

8.       Ignition safety tethers must be in working condition and suitable attached while the boat is in motion.

9.       Communications with the telephone via cell phone and with other boats via VHF must be on board and in working condition.

10.    At least one person on board (preferably everyone) must wave their arms overhead to signal your intention to slow down and / or come off plane.

11.    A running lane must be chosen and adhered to.  Changing lanes must be done only when it can be done and after checking that it is safe to do so.  “Cutting off” other boats at any time is unsafe and subject to disqualification.

12.    No one may sit on top of a seat or sun pad when the boat is on plane. Furthermore, the operator of each boat is fully responsible for providing necessary restraints as needed and appropriate for all crew members, taking into account all conditions. The operator is solely responsible for the safety of the crew of their boat.

13.    Under all circumstances and conditions, each operator must operate at a speed and direction that maintains complete control of the vessel, guaranteeing the safety of the crew at all times.

14.    Disobeying rules will result in immediate disqualification from the event.





(Revised 3/10/2015)