Sponsor Spotlight: Aspen Investment Management

Aspen Investment Management Inc is exclusively a fee-based registered investment advisor. They do not earn commissions, sell investment products, or receive any other compensation that could cause a conflict of interest in their relationship with clients.  Aspen has structured their firm in a way that allows them to work on behalf of their clients, foster personal relationships and focus on results. As a fiduciary, Aspen is required to act in the best interest of their clients. 
In 1993, they established Aspen Investment Management Inc. to provide exceptional client service using a comprehensive investment approach to help clients achieve their financial objectives.
               Investment Process:
·       Identify financial goals and constraints
·       Create Investment Policy Statement
·       Implement portfolio
·       Monitor investments and adjust as needed
·       Respond to changes in market or client circumstances
Portfolio types managed:
·       Individual and Joint accounts
·       Family Trusts
·       IRAs, SEPs, IRA Rollovers
·       Foundations & Endowments
·       Charitable Giving including Wealth Transfer Strategies

For more information, contact Principal Rich Knoor at rich@aspenim.com.