WMO Sponsor Spotlight: BOOSTane

West Michigan Offshore Sponsor Spotlights are open to all club sponsors free of charge, and help shed light on who they are, what they do, and who they serve. BOOSTane, one of WMO's charter sponsors, is revolutionizing the world of octane engineering, and is one of the fastest growing fuel additives companies in the high performance world.

What is BOOSTane?
BOOSTane is a high performance fuel additive designed to transform low octane you get at the marina into a race fuel equivalent, as high as 113 octane. With our proprietary chelated carrier we have the capability of obtaining octane levels that were otherwise unheard of in the industry, form a fuel additive.  This same carrier also provides stability for the fuel from phase separation caused by ethanol supplementation in our fuels, prolonged storage of your boat, and open fuel tanks.  

How long has the company been around, and who founded it?
The company was founded in 2009 when we developed the product originally for offshore powerboat racing, with the JAWS team. It was then we realized that race fuel was too expensive and inconvenient, and other octane boosters didnt perform the way they advertised. So as engineers by trade and racers by heart, we set out with a clean slate to design a product that was more affordable than race fuel, more convenient race fuel, and more reliable/higher performing than any other product on the market.

In 2014 we came over into the automotive aftermarket and won the SEMA LaunchPad Product of the Year with our technology.  We are now sold in 17 different countries and nationwide.

Is Boostane only for boat motors, or does it work in other applications as well? 
We are designed for any internal combustion engine. Since its inception, we have developed BOOSTane Marine, that is specific to high performance marine engines, with added upper cylinder lubrication for soft valves and seats and additional protection against WOT (wide open throttle). We have also developed Professional and Premium for various over the road and racing applications dependent on needed octane.

What motors or types of engines does it work best in? 
Forced induction is where you are going to be able to best unlock the full performance of BOOSTane. Anything Turbo, Supercharged, or Procharged, that will increase compression is going to create the biggest gains in horsepower. A 2010 Nissan GTR was able to increase +177 more wHP with BOOSTane and increased boost, for example. 

Are there any well-known boats that use it?  
JAWs Racing, NAS-T, and countless others.

What's going on right now with the company, and where is it going in the future? 
We are holding on to the whirlwind.  After gaining notoriety at SEMA, we have requests around the globe. Just led the first ever Poker Run from Key West to Cuba. Looking to go for the world record crossing to Cuba later this year. Releasing a Diesel and E85 supplement as well. We will continue to push the barrier and limits of fuel technology to coincide with growing engine technology.