"Nothing Is Too Big or Too Small to Customize" 

If you like checking out high performance powerboats, you won't want to miss out on Grand Rapids’ 2017 Boat Show. The Boat show will be held February 15th-19th at Devos Place. While at the event you will see T&D Custom Painting's artistry reflected in multiple high performance boats including the Boat Show's feature boat, the "Ultimate Weapon" (Steve Niewoonder’s 42' Fountain), which will be highlighted at the West Michigan Offshore booth. T&D Custom Painting's great work will also be displayed in all of the boats at the Saber Marine booth.


The Heart Behind T&D Custom Painting

Featured in the Jun 2015 issue of Speedboat Magazine, artist Dave Shaeffer knows how to find the silver lining in not so pleasant circumstances.  After experiencing two layoffs from a previous custom painting and design company, launching T&D Custom Painting has been a sweet payoff following years of highs and lows. Dave has a strong spirit, a true passion for his craft and an infectious laugh that can’t help but make you crack a smile. Dave is a true example of what hard work and dedication can bring to those that dare to push themselves. At age 18 he started as a basic laborer, never having held an airbrush, he worked his way up, building his skillset and learning that never giving up was the key. Dave’s drive pushed him to keep trying, learning, and striving for what may have even seemed unattainable at times. Along with a natural artistic talent, this same drive and determination has made him the exceptional artist he is today.

If you’re wondering who the T of T&D is, that would be his incredibly sweet wife Trisha. Trisha worked as the office manager at a mutual past employer, and after enduring Dave’s lunchtime flirtation and experiencing his determination to not take no for an answer, Dave’s infectious spirit won her over. Dave & Trisha also have a sweet son named Isaac who shares that same infectious personality.

A few examples of T&D's artistry: 


Special Remarks:

For Dave and Trisha, T&D Custom Painting is not just a business, it’s a passion. Their love of boating and community has them hanging out at different ports on any given weekend. If you happen to spot them, stop over and say hello.