Sponsor Spotlight: Windpoint Realty 


West Michigan Offshore thanks one of its newest sponsors, Windpoint Realty, for its support. Below is a Q&A interview with agent Todd Hendricks. Please help WMO thank Todd for his support through giving him our business!

1) What is Windpoint Realty, and what is your role with them?
Windpoint Realty is a small real estate company located in Grand Rapids. I just started with them after leaving a career in education. I am an agent who focuses on making sure people are taken care of during their real estate transactions.  

2) What are some of the advantages you provide that other real estate agents do not? 
One of the advantages of working with me as an agent is that I list homes for 1% commission instead of the industry standard of 3%.  So if you are selling a $200,000 home, I put $4,000 back in your pocket.  Another advantage I provide is that since I am a former teacher and Assistant Principal, I know the West Michigan school districts very well.  Many families shop school districts when moving to a new area and I know what all the test scores and rankings mean. 

3) What type of clients and price ranges of homes do you typically work in?
I will work with anyone!  Some agents like to focus on higher priced home because there is more money there.  True, but I believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and get the same level of service whether you are buying a $50,000 home or a $500,000 home.

4) Are there any specific geographical areas you specialize in? 
I work primarily in the greater Grand Rapids area but have no problems serving areas that are further away.  (I like drives in the county.)