WMO at the Grand Rapids Boat Show

February 13 - 17, 2019
DeVos Place, Grand Rapids

Keith and Christie Wilkerson’s Hustler

Keith and Christie Wilkerson’s Hustler

WMO is pleased to announce our 2019 Boats for the Grand Rapids Boat Show. Thanks to many that offered and considered. WMO appreciates Keith Wilkerson and Christie Wilkerson along with Wm Brian Hartman for allowing us to show their Hustler and Skater. We look forward to hearing their boat stories. Members stay tuned for 2 for 1 ticket sign-ups. See you February 13-17 at the Grand Rapids Boat Show

Brian Hartman’s Skater

Brian Hartman’s Skater

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Sponsor Appreciation Free Boat Show Tickets

Sponsors, in appreciation of your support, accept these two free boat show tickets to be left at the Boat Show will call. WMO would not exists without your generous support.
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Volunteer / Sponsor Appreciation Party

Have you shown your boat at the Muskegon Powerboat Weekend, helped find auction items for the Spring Kick-off Make-A-Wish Auction, or even assisted a board member at an event like Rock The Coast. Whatever you have done to assist WMO we are grateful. Please accept our invitation the the Volunteer / Sponsor Appreciation Party to be held at the Start Garden Event Center in downtown Grand Rapids on February 15 from 8 to 11 PM

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Let’s go to the Show! Once again West Michigan Offshore will generate a ton of excitement and interest through the Grand Rapids Boat Show and is proud to display one of our members boats. Our partnership with the show started in 2016 when Bill Reiffer showed his USA themed boat Liberty.  The following year, 2017 DeWain DeCaire wowed the show with his updated fountain, named the Drinking Fountain. In 2018 Mike and Steve Bareman displayed their newly refreshed Skater, the first every skater to be showcased.

West Michigan Offshore will have a HUGE presence at the Grand Rapids Boat Show, featuring a WMO members boat. The last three year's shows put offshore powerboating on the map like nothing else could. In addition to an interview on the Tony Gates Morning Show and frequent mentions on the Huge Show, thousands of spectators stopped by the booth to check out the boat and see what WMO is all about. Active and prospective members are encouraged to come, hang out, and see what's going on this year, and discounted tickets will be available to members who would like to stop by and hang out with the offshore crowd.  

Also, discounted memberships $90 will be available either online or at the show for both new and existing members.