West Michigan Offshore (WMO) promotes the rights of the general public (including members and amateur photographers/videographers) to take appropriate photos, videos and other media at events and encourages posting and sharing on social media, for personal and non-profit use.  

At listed WMO events, the WMO Board may contract (verbally or in written form) professional photographers to take photos and videos (by land, sea, or air), and reserve the right, at these events, to limit the number of sponsored media.  The WMO Board will grant these professionals, permission to post galleries to WMO social media pages on a limited and agreed upon basis.  WMO will have rights to these photos for promotional and marketing use.

Media Professionals can choose to become WMO Sponsors, which grants them rights at most events to take photos, and sell to members at market price. The specific available events will be determined by the WMO board and should be agreed upon by a sponsoring media professional. before becoming a sponsor each year. Sponsors can also link galleries to WMO social media pages on a limited and agreed upon basis. WMO will have rights to this media for promotional and marketing use. If you are interested in becoming a sponsors click here.

West Michigan Offshore requires all drone pilots (contracted or amateur) to follow the latest FAA rules and regulations and must ground the drone aircraft when a manned helicopter or airplane is flying in the same airspace or in line-of-sight proximity.

All media taken must be done with the use of common sense and all necessary safety precautions. WMO will not be held responsible for inappropriate media, media taken without permission of other persons or businesses captured, damaged equipment, or personal injury in any way.