West Michigan Offshore Membership

There has never been a better time to join WMO. From epic parties, meaningful charitable events, and high-speed action on the water, the $95 annual membership fee is the BEST value on the market. West Michigan Offshore is intentionally aimed at boats of all sizes, speeds, and worths. Whether you captain a 20' Baja, a 38' Powerquest, or a 52' Skater, you'll have a blast at club events.  

Benefits of a WMO membership include:

  • Access to all club events
  • A subscription to the club's email, which gets you all the details about what's going on with the club and the local powerboat community.
  • A complimentary club T-shirt and decal 
  • Access to a large and unified network of powerboaters of over 200 members
  • A complimentary membership to the Northern Illinois Offshore Powerboat Club through our reciprocal membership program*
  • Voting privileges at the annual meeting
  • Your participation in the club's Make-a-Wish donation, which donated nearly $20,000 in 2016
  • Your part in improving the presence and perception of go-fast boaters among the general public, law enforcement, and other boaters through our positive presence in the community and on the water


Benefits particular to a full membership include:

-Access to all club events as a boat owner/driver
-Discounted fuel and free in/out service at the Wharf during Grand Haven-based events, and discounted transient slips at Anchorage Marina during Holland-based events
-Voting rights at the annual meeting

By becoming a member, you certify that you have read and agree to the WMO Code of Conduct Form and Liability Waiver


Benefits of an associate membership include:

-Access to all club events as a spouse of full member or non-boater.

By becoming a member, you certify that you have read and agree to WMO's CODE OF CONDUCT FORM and LIABILITY WAIVER.